Getting started

Create a payment form

Once signed up, head over to your dashboard to create a form.

When creating a form, you need to accept at least one payment method or it won't work. You can do that by:

Share the form

Once your form created, you have two options to accept payments with it:

To use the hosted solution, simply copy the generated link of the form.

To add it on your website, add the following snippet in the footer section (and replace 'checkout-form-id' with your own id):

<script src=''></script>

Elio.checkout('checkout-form-id', function(error, paymentId) {
    if (error) alert('An error occured during the payment')
    else alert('Success processing the payment')

Also check out our provided example payment page for a working example.

Act on payments

Once you receive a payment, you may want to automatically trigger an action on your server.

You can do this by adding a webhook to your form.

We we call the webhook with a payment object every time a payment is made (or its status updated) looking like this:

    "id": "2d857dcc0f4ab1956e050971e4f1", // Unique ID of the payment
    "source": "stripe", // Either "stripe", "paypal" or "shapeshift"
    "status": "complete", // Can be complete, partial (if crypto) or imcomplete
    "coupons": [], // Coupons used (for future)
    "parentAccount": "a2cze6d3181ga4fsb73ddb80", // Your account id
    "parentForm": "29bba6d5488bb4f0b7ed0381", // The id of the origin form
    "testMode": false, // If running in test mode
    "amount": 39, // Amount of payment
    "quantity": 1, // Quantity of the sold product, if you asked for it (1 by default)
    "convertedAmount": null, // If paid in crypto or other currency, the converted amount
    "confirmations": null, // If crypto, the numbers of confirmations of the payment
    "currency": "USD", // Currency of the original payment
    "proof": "se5162HE78S9ujhgf", // Payment id @ the service (shapeshift/stripe or paypal)
    "buyer": {
        "email": "", // Email address of the buyer
        "name": null, // Name of the buyer, if you asked for it
        "shipping": null // Shipping address of the buyer, if you asked for it (for future)